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Dive Systems
Brownie's THIRD LUNG™
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Diving Made Easy
Since 1969
LW Americas
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LW Americas is the exclusive distributor of Lendhardt & Wagner, the leading and renowned manufacturer of high-pressure compressors.
Spare Air®
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The original mini scuba – designed to provide you with instant air during short-term underwater emergencies
Bright Weights®
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Bright Weights®, proper ballast systems that provide flexibility and are more unique than traditional lead ballasts available here in the US.
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Brownie’s THIRD LUNG™, Surface Supplied Air (SSA) dive system that
allows up to four divers to various depths without the use of heavy

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BLU3, the most compact, ultra-portable, affordable, efficient, and
user-friendly tankless diving systems with patent pending

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LW Americas, the exclusive distributor for L&W high pressure compressors in North, South, Central America and the Caribbean.

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Spare Air®, the original mini-scuba, is designed to provide users with instant access to air during short-term underwater emergencies.

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Bright Weights®, proper ballast systems that provide flexibility and are more unique
than  traditional lead ballasts available here in the US.

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Our Story

Marine Group, Inc. designs, tests, manufactures and distributes
recreational hookah diving, yacht based scuba air compressor and Nitrox
Generation Systems, and scuba and water safety products. The Company
sells its products both on a wholesale and retail basis and is comprised
of three highly specialized dive product groups. The Company is an
industry leading manufacturing and distribution company that serves
middle income boat owners, higher income yacht owners, recreational
divers, military operators and public safety personnel. The Company
holds more than ten patents and enjoys a robust product development and
intellectual property program that has yielded several proprietary

Many of these products and innovations have become the ‘standard’ for the marine industry.

We Manufacture Fun Products!