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BLU3, Inc.

A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign Suggests a Bright Future for BLU3

POMPANO BEACH, FL. (Nov 14, 2018) – Brownie’s Marine Group (OTC: BWMG) subsidiary, BLU3, concluded it’s Kickstarter campaign for NEMO last month at 345% over-funded, with over 350 units pre-ordered. This successful crowdfunding campaign is an early indicator of the market’s high demand for an ultra-portable, compact, affordable, and easy-to-use dive system.

The project was invited to join Indiegogo InDemand, a post-campaign funding solution that bridges the gap between crowdfunding and commerce. The program is offered to projects that exceed their funding goal. Indiegogo InDemand brought in additional $9,000 in pre-orders within 30 days. NEMO pre-orders will launch on the BLU3 website this week to continue the momentum.

Additionally, BLU3’s crowdfunding campaign has helped increase website traffic to over 180k page views, video views to 11M, and newsletter subscribers to 2.6k. BLU3 is in discussion with over 110 potential retailers and distributors across 27 countries. In addition to distribution, the company will launch an affiliate program with over 175 BLU3 ambassadors from around the world.

The company is attending DEMA Show 2018 in Las Vegas from November 14-17th. DEMA Show is the largest trade-only event in the world for companies doing business in the scuba diving, ocean water sports and adventure/dive travel industries. BLU3 will join its sister brands; Brownie’s Third Lung, LW Americas and NitroxMaker as part of the Brownie’s Marine Group booth #2649. During the show, the team will be exhibiting NEMO, establishing distribution agreements and networking within the dive industry.

About BLU3:

BLU3 is a line of ultra-portable diving systems with a mission to increase protection and awareness of underwater environments by spreading the sport of diving. The small company is a subsidiary of Brownie’s Marine Group, an innovative family of brands with a unique concentration on the diving industry, best known for its flagship product Brownie’s Third Lung.

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About Brownie’s Marine Group:

Brownie’s Marine Group (BMG), Inc. (OTC: BWMG), a Florida corporation founded in 1981, is the parent company to an innovative family of brands with a unique concentration on the diving industry. BMG designs, tests, manufactures and distributes surface supplied air diving systems, scuba air compressors, nitrox generation systems, and water safety products in the United States and internationally. It also develops, manufactures, and sells high pressure air and industrial gas compressor packages for uses in the dive, fire, CNG, military, scientific, recreational and aerospace industries. The company sells its products on wholesale basis to retail dive stores, marine stores, and shipyards; and retails its products to boat owners, recreational divers, and commercial divers, as well as through the Internet. BMG is headquartered in Pompano Beach, Florida and employs 18 full-time staff.