A Brownie’s breakthrough premiers at the Palm Beach International Boat Show


POMPANO BEACH, FL. (Feb. 1, 2018) (BWMG) – In 2010, the first battery-powered model of the Brownie’s Third Lung made a huge splash. These battery systems contained Variable Speed (VS) technology, a method of minimizing energy demand by enabling the motor to adapt to the breathing patterns of the diver, thus conserving energy and allowing for longer run times. Despite this innovation, the run times of the system were limited to a maximum of 60-75  minutes, a meager number compared to the 3+ hour run times of the gas systems. Even still, the public rejoiced at the gas-free option and opted for battery-power in spite of the minimal run time and higher price tag.


This most recent addition to the Third Lung line is likely to make the initial splash of the first VS systems, look like a ripple. This weekend, Brownie’s will be introducing the Sea Lion Third Lung at the Palm Beach International Boat Show. The Sea Lion model is the manifestation of a decade-long goal: ‘Same as Gas’ as referred to by Brownie’s Marine Group CEO, Robert Carmichael:

“Same as gas is what we’ve been striving for here. We’ve wanted so deeply to bring out a system that runs as long and as hard as our conventional gas models. It’s 2018 and the technology we needed has finally arrived.”


Innovation in lithium ion battery technology has advanced to the point where Brownie’s could modify its current system to adopt the lighter, more powerful lithium ion batteries. The Sea Lion has a run time of over three hours and weighs 40% less than its predecessor, the VS265 Third Lung. Furthermore, the new Sea Lion model will be cost competitive, hitting the market with a $4,500 price point. Attendees of the Palm Beach Boat Show can pre-purchase the remarkable new product for a discounted price at the Brownie’s YachtDiver booth, located at Waterfront 824-825.


Brownie’s is thankful to the customers that purchased the first models of VS Third Lungs, their support has made this innovation possible. The company is offering owners of the VS265 and VS335 models a premiere trade-in program as a special thank you. All current VS owners have to do is have their product registered with the company and call to order the new system. The first 50 units will be reserved for pre-orders, with a mid-May delivery date. The Sea Lion Third Lung will be available for immediate delivery to the public shortly thereafter.


Those interested in more information can visit www.browniedive.com/sea-lion or contact Brownie’s Third Lung by email at info@browniedive.com.