Pompano Beach, Florida, Dec. 16, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Brownie’s Marine Group, Inc. (OTC:BWMG) a leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of modern recreational diving products and onboard compressed air solutions announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, BLU3 (diveBLU3.com), began shipping NEMO pre-orders in the first week of October and has shipped over 250 units to date.

Sales efforts are now migrating from crowdfunding methods to internal ecommerce and traditional distribution methods with brick and mortar dealers. A selection of dealer applications from around the globe are now under review. BLU3 is also interacting with potential affiliates and influencers to grow exposure through modern digital channels. Another 150 pre-order units are in the manufacturing process and expected to ship by early January. Production line tooling, methods, and facilities are now routine and scalable to larger volumes.

NEMO (diveBLU3.com/NEMO) is a battery-powered and ultra-portable tankless dive system created for the recreational diving population under the BLU3 brand to make diving more user friendly, easier, and accessible to a new and larger group of divers. It was designed with the mass, global market in mind, ultimately creating a market much greater than SCUBA by eliminating barriers to entry. Weighing in at about 10 lb., NEMO is portable and travels as carry-on luggage on an airplane including multiple spare batteries which run the system for over 60 minutes each. NEMO has many potential applications, from river treasure and fossil hunting, boat hull cleaning, pool maintenance and even underwater yoga.

“Taking anything from the laboratory to market is always challenging and we’re very pleased by how effortless the roll-out of delivery of product has been, and the demand continues to build,” said Robert Carmichael, Chairman & CEO of Brownie’s Marine Group, Inc., “We think NEMO’s largest impact potential will be in its ability to attract and convert millions of non-divers or snorkelers into underwater enthusiasts. NEMO Diving is the best way to begin the journey into breathing underwater.”

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Brownie’s Marine Group, Inc., is the parent company to a family of innovative brands with a unique concentration in the industrial, military and recreational diving industry. The Company, together with its subsidiaries, designs, tests, manufactures, and distributes recreational hookah diving, yacht-based scuba air compressors and nitrox generation systems, and scuba and water safety products in the United States and internationally. The Company has three subsidiaries including Trebor Industries, Inc., founded in 1981 and dba as “Brownie’s Third Lung,” BLU3, Inc., and Brownie’s High-Pressure Services, Inc. dba. LW Americas. The Company is headquartered in Pompano Beach, Florida. For more information, visit: www.BrowniesMarineGroup.com

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