Visibility: Clear

Current: Strong

Report: We’re staying late and working weekends to keep things moving forward as quickly as possible. Fine tuning the injection molded parts has been more time consuming than originally expected, but we’re almost there. Meanwhile, the final remaining parts beside the molded parts are almost here – battery packs, warning labels, and shipping boxes.

Injection Molding:

We’re getting very close to finalizing all of the injection molded parts. There are only a few changes that are still processing. We received new sample parts this week and they all tested out correctly. We’ll be receiving new sample Smart Reg™ base and lid parts on Tuesday and we feel confident that they’ll be ready to lock in after a day of evaluation. Aside from this, the only part remaining to rework is the bearing races. We’ve revised this part three times already, but since it’s a tricky material to mold the dimensions have been very difficult to get perfect. The tolerance limits for this part are very specific and are vital to the pump performance. We have a good plan together with the molder for the next revision. After that, we should be good to go and place an order on the first run of injection molded parts.

Battery Packs:

The first battery packs will be arriving at our facility on Tuesday as well. Since the certifications and production of the battery packs took longer than expected, we have to air freight them. Once the battery packs arrive, we will be putting them through some testing to ensure that they have been built to our standards. Hopefully we do not find the same results that we did with the foam supplier.

Assembly Technician:

We hired our first assembly technician and his first day was earlier this week. We’ve been bringing him up to speed on all of the assembly processes and getting him familiar with everything. Building a NEMO has many different processes so there’s a lot to learn. By the time all of the parts finally arrive, we should be ready to roll.

Forecast: It looks like injection molded parts are going to take a couple more weeks to fine tune. We’re still hoping to be able to build the first production NEMO in June, but there’s a chance the molded parts will push us back to July.

When we aren’t spending time on the injection molded parts, we’re tweaking things on the production line, developing process manuals for the technicians, and working on the user manual. We believe in the next couple weeks we will be just about ready to start production. The whole team appreciates your patience and support. Please know that we are doing our very best to bring NEMO to you as soon as possible!

– BLU3 Team