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Two weeks already? Only when we look at how much we’re accomplishing in this time is when we realize how fast time is zooming by. So far, we’re on track for our estimated delivery dates – if that changes, we’ll be sure to let you know right away.


We purchased our CNC Router Foam Cutting Machine and our Motor Coil Winding machine this week and they will be arriving next week!  

The engineering team has also already figured out a clever way for placing the motor’s permanent magnets, which will increase production speed.


Kickstarter has released the funds today! The total, after fees, should arrive in our account by early next week.  

We will be making more purchases in the coming week: tooling, other machinery, and long-lead-time inventory parts as the Kickstarter money hits the bank account.

See you at DEMA!  

Our flights are booked for DEMA in Las Vegas, the largest industry dive show in the world. We will be showcasing NEMO, networking, and meeting with potential dealers and distributors.


Now that the funds have been released, it’s almost time to send out the Rewards Survey – this is where you tell us which rewards you’d like, confirm your shipping address and add any accessories (or even another NEMO) to your pledge. The survey will be sent to the email address registered on Kickstarter so make sure it’s one you check! Expect the survey to hit your inbox by 10/29.

Thank you so much for joining us on this adventure. We can’t wait to get you diving BLU3.