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Report: The wait for injection molded parts continues but is almost over. Meanwhile, our assembly line is getting its final touches before we begin production. 

Injection Molding:

The first 500 sets of parts are being injected as we speak, except for three parts which are still being adjusted. Fine tuning the tolerance of the bearings is still underway. By the time the rest of the parts have been built, the final three molds should be completed and ready to go. We hope to have the first round of molded parts within two weeks. 

Battery Packs:

The first battery packs arrived and they look wonderful! We’re so excited to have our own custom battery pack. During the conception of NEMO, we considered using off-the-shelf batteries to save design time and money, but the battery pack we’ve custom designed is perfect. It’s so easy to swap in a fresh battery and go for another dive – have you gotten yourself a spare pack to go with your NEMO? 

Assembly Line: 

The assembly line is looking sharp, and we’ve been practicing certain assembly processes with our technician. Some of the more skilled processes are coil winding and soldering of circuit boards. We need our technicians to be fluent in both of these major processes, so it’s good to get some practice runs before we spring into full production. We’ve even started building out certain subassemblies for processes that don’t involve injection molded parts or rely on other assemblies. 

The Assembly Line
The Assembly Line

Forecast: We’re ecstatic to know that the first injection molded parts are being built! The confidence level is high that the final molds will be ready to go within about a week and that the entirety of the parts will be coming in very soon thereafter. It’s been an incredibly long and grueling process to obtain injection molded parts, but we definitely chose the right company to work with. They have been very diligent about making sure everything is just right before we launch into production. Thank you to all of our supporters for taking this journey with us! We hope to deliver your NEMO’s very soon. 

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