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Report: Two main factors are still holding us back: injection molded parts and battery packs. We expected both of these to be completed months ago, but we are still waiting. In the meantime, we continue to fine tune our assembly processes.

Injection Molding:

The wait for injection molded parts continues. While the molders are staying very busy, the process is time consuming.  We’re really hoping that the initial parts will be here sometime next week. 

Battery Packs:

We’ve received 10 battery packs for us to  evaluate production packs for any possible issues before bringing in the rest of the shipment. This week we found out that the final certifications had not been issued yet so the manufacturer could not ship the remaining pieces. This was news to us. However, the packs are already built, the certifications are finalized, and packs will be shipping our way via air freight to get the first NEMO’s started. 

Forecast: Some frustration is settling in as we’re so close yet so far from the beginning of shipping. We imagine that you all are in the same boat as us, but we promise we’re doing everything we can to start delivering your NEMO’s as soon as possible. Everything will come together soon! Thank you all for your support. We could not do any of this without you!  

???? BLU3 Team