Visibility: Clear

Current: Strong

Report: We are now only days away from having all of the parts in stock and we are very excited. We have been working around the clock, and  expect to build the first short run of units by the middle of next week. We’re so close!

Check Your Emails:

Keep an eye on your email inbox! In the next week or two you should see a couple of emails coming in from us. If you don’t, make sure you check your spam folder, just in case our messages landed there. One email will be the backer survey, which is used to collect important information such as your current shipping address, what color backpack you want (if you pledged for a backpack), and other relevant details. The other email will be a waiver form that we will require to be signed and returned before we can deliver your NEMO. We will be sure to post an update here when we’ve sent out the emails as a reminder. 

Injection Molding:

All of the parts should be finished molding by this afternoon. The only parts that haven’t been molded yet are the Smart Reg™ hard plastic parts, and the molder is running these today. However, there are a few post-processes that need to be done with the parts and so we won’t receive the parts in full until early next week. For example, each of the pump bodies will be UV-printed with serial numbers over the weekend. We expect to receive them on Monday or Tuesday. 

Injection Molding in Progress
Injection Molding in Progress

Also, a shipment of molded parts that were outsourced to the China factory got stuck in Cincinnati, Ohio for over a week. The parts that were included in this shipment are the end caps, the Smart Reg™ diaphragm and purge button, and the snorkel tubes. Somehow, half of the shipment made it to Delray and the other half got stuck in Cincinnati. Of course the half that got stuck was our pallet of parts. But it looks like everything is going to line up just fine, and we couldn’t be more excited for the weeks ahead. 

User Manual:

The User Manual is in its final editing stages. We intend for it to be as clear and descriptive as possible without creating an information overload for the reader. It’s a fine line to walk, but we want our customers to be fully aware of the proper ways to operate NEMO. Carefully following the instructions of the User Manual and NEMO Online Dive Training Course is key to having a safe and enjoyable experience while NEMO diving. 

NEMO Online Dive Training Course:

The NEMO Online Dive Training Course is also in its final editing stages as  we receive more input from various experts on the critical subjects. While NEMO diving is the easiest of ways to begin your journey into breathing underwater, there are still a number of skills that need to be learned in order to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience while NEMO diving.  This course will thoroughly instruct and guide you through each of the skills necessary for NEMO diving. 

The First Short Production Run:

We expect to begin the first short production run by the middle of next week, once we have all of the remaining parts. We will build two batches of 5 NEMO’s that will be used to double-check that all of the components and production processes are still correct. This is the final approval before we build units to be shipped to backers! Following the success of this short run, we expect to begin shipping sometime in the week or two weeks afterward. Our goal is to have shipped out the first 40-50 units by the end of August. Then, September will be a very exciting time to be a NEMO backer. 

Forecast:  We’re only days away from building the first production NEMO’s and we believe that within the month of August we will have shipped out the first tens of units. As all of this comes together, we want to remind everyone that the pre-order discounts will be coming to a conclusion very soon. So if you know anyone who is interested in NEMO, be a good buddy and let them know they need to dive into the deal now before it’s too late! Thank you to all of our backers for your continued support, and get ready to diveBLU3 very soon! 

???? BLU3 Team