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Report: Perk prices are about to increase. Beta units are about to be delivered and reviewed by testers after shipping had a slight hiccup with delays due to Hurricane Dorian. Two new assembly technicians have joined the team to start helping us build up inventory.

Price Increases:

We are now in production and that means our special pre-launch prices for NEMO will come to an end. Prices are due to increase after this Sunday, September 8, 2019. If you have any friends or family who might like NEMO Diving, be sure to let them know that now is the time to dive into a huge discount!


If you haven’t received a survey, don’t worry. We decided to send out only the Kickstarter Super Early Bird surveys so far, so if you weren’t a Super Early Bird backer then you will be receiving your survey at a different time. However, if you were a Super Early Bird backer and you don’t see your survey in your inbox, please send us an email at

Beta Units and Hurricane Dorian:

Hurricane Dorian has brought devastating damage to islands in the Bahamas. The Bahamians need all of the help they can get so if you haven’t already, please consider looking for an organization to support in relief efforts. The Bahamas is a wonderful place for NEMO Diving and we hope that the islands recover as soon as possible. Our thoughts go out to all affected by the storm.

On a related note, Dorian did hold up the shipping of our beta units which are being shipped to close friends, coworkers, and shareholders as we speak. We expected  to ship out these units last week, but everything was locked down to prepare for the hurricane as it approached the Florida coast. The beta units are scheduled to arrive to testers early next week.

The purpose of these beta units is mainly to acquire feedback on the packaging, Users Manual, and NEMO Online Dive Training Course. It is important that we confirm all of these are perfected prior to shipping out units to the first backers, but we are excited for all of our backers to start NEMO Diving, so we’re going to get through it as quickly as possible. We currently don’t expect any major delays.


In the meantime, we are continuing to make improvements on the production line as we build up inventory. We have hired two new assembly technicians to join the BLU3 team and we’re very excited to have their help! Fortunately, building NEMOs is a pretty cool job so they are excited as well.

Forecast: As early as the middle of next week, we expect to begin receiving valuable feedback on the Users Manual and NEMO Online Dive Training Course from beta testers. We need this so that we can make sure your experience with NEMO is enjoyable from the get-go. In the meantime we are building up inventory and expect that shipping NEMOs to the first backers will be celebrated as part of the next update! Thank you for your support.