To our incredible backers: Thank you so much for supporting NEMO, we can’t wait to get you all Diving BLU3 as quickly as we can!

All the support is inspiring us to work even more diligently than we already were to get NEMO to market. Here’s where we are in the process…

Life Cycle Testing 

Earlier this year, BLU3 engineers designed and built a custom breathing simulation machine dedicated entirely to NEMO’s research and development. The machine has been very useful in discovering the impact design changes have on performance and durability. 

Now that NEMO’s design has been finalized, we’ve obtained sample parts that match the parts we’ll use in production. We’ll use the simulation machine to run accelerated life cycle tests to find and eliminate any durability issues that may exist before locking in the design with our manufacturing vendors. Like our Ocean Engineer Robbie said: “NEMO is our company’s first product. It needs to be perfect.”

Breathing simulation machine
Breathing simulation machine

Working with Vendors 

We’re getting close to the point in the process where we’ll need to build the mold tooling for injection molding of our parts. Building the molds is expected to take 4+ weeks from the time that the design is locked in to the time that we’ll receive the first parts. We are in continuous communication with vendors to make sure that the molds are be built properly and on time. Final touches to the design are being made to adjust for manufacturing. The battery pack is being finalized before the molds begin to be built. Everything is lining up to meet our estimated delivery dates!

Planning the Production Line 

BLU3, Inc. is located in Pompano Beach, FL, right next to the Brownie’s Third Lung factory where a well-oiled production line cranks away. At BLU3, a lot will be changing on the warehouse floor in the coming months. We’ve yet to set up the machinery and assembly line, as we are in the planning phase while we finish up our top priorities with vendors. We will be sure to keep you updated as this progresses.

Our Factory Warehouse