Exciting developments as the summer season begins


POMPANO BEACH, FL. (June 27, 2018) (OTC: BWMG) – As a fully-reporting company, Brownie’s Marine Group announced operational advancements made as a general update to its investor community.

A message from the CEO

The overall market opportunity in the marine industry reminds me of a period of time years ago when Brownie’s was on a rapid growth trajectory. The product innovations hitting the market now (Sea Lion™) and those on the horizon (bLU3) are very exciting and for the first time represent the opportunity to truly revolutionize entry to diving for a very broad consumer base, far beyond the limiting factors associated with gasoline-powered diving systems and traditional SCUBA.



  • After multiple investments in first time trade shows, infrastructure, training and technical presentations to user base, LW Americas sales efforts are showing positive signs.
  • The investment made earlier this year to significantly reduce the NitroxMaker™ cost in an effort to broaden our share of the market – leveraging our branding and superior technology – is beginning to produce results.
  • Elimination of a convertible note – at negligible cost ($10) to company and shareholders – was completed this month.
  • Company-wide sales as of 06/25/2018 are 25% greater when compared to total through end of June 2017.


Marketing strategy continues to be implemented – engaging current customers and bringing new eyes to the Brownie’s various brands and extensive product line. Email marketing has just begun and a new strategy to inform and engage consumers about the high pressure compressor aspect of BMG launches next week, beginning with the announcement of a new financing program expected to attract consumers in the dive industry.

A newly re-designed website for Brownie’s Third Lung is in the final stages of development and will be used as the linchpin to upcoming digital marketing and public relations efforts including: in-house pitches to media and outlets, native Facebook advertising, email marketing, retargeting ads and beyond.

bLU3 channels have had continuous growth and engagement. As minimal funds have been used on advertising, the growth and engagement is nearly all organic – a very promising sign for the viability of the brand. New merchandise is being added to the website weekly with the intention of branding and establishing bLU3 as not only a line of products, but as a lifestyle brand.

Beautiful dive conditions have allowed for the filming of NEMO™ and Sea Lion™ locally and in the Florida Keys. International settings and footage highlighting commercial applications are to follow.


Near-term goals:

  • Launch Brownie’s Third Lung website
  • Secure earned media via PR efforts before the end of the summer
  • Sign up 25 new brand ambassadors for the Brownie’s Third Lung brand and reach 100 applicants for the bLU3 brand (currently at 86)
  • Develop video assets for NEMO and Sea Lion™

Long term goals:

  • Expand and update the Brownie’s Marine Group main website and launch monthly Investor Update emails
  • Produce and release a BMG overview video, showcasing the full scope of the Brownie’s Marine Group family of brands
  • Create in-house product spec videos for most products, beginning with best-sellers and moving through the product line of each brand


At the leadership of both Robert and Blake Carmichael, the engineering department at BMG continues to expand, achieving successes in development and innovation daily. The father/son duo’s tireless work ethic is a cornerstone of the achievement, and is supported by the passion and ingenuity of fellow engineering team members. A valuable addition to the team is Robbie Kipp, a bright ocean engineer with a proficiency in modeling and design. John Colborn, the engineer behind the newest addition to the bLU3 product line, NEMO, has been invaluable in the process of unlocking the full technological potential of the impressive device prior to manufacturing. Various software and hardware assets have been added to support the rapid development and production of both Sea Lion™ (in production, first units delivered 3rd week of June) and NEMO (in development, production expected by as early as the 4th quarter).


Engineering advancements:

  • Full-time Ocean Engineer
  • Solidworks
  • (3x) 3D printers to realize design changes in real time
  • Breathing simulator machine to increase scale of testing efficiency, allowing for multiple dive simulations in a single day at office rather than in field



Our factory has been re-configured to simultaneously support assembly of new products and the summer service rush. We have also designated a separate work station as a Torqeedo service area.

Product Releases

  • Sea Lion™ orders exceed 15 units in early release
    • First orders shipped out on June 21, 2018. Orders roll in daily.
  • Substantial increase in sales of new more price-competitive NitroxMaker™ Membrane Kits sales


Brownie’s Marine Group (BMG) is the parent company to an innovative family of brands, with a unique concentration on the diving industry. The flagship product is the Brownie’s Third Lung, a surface-supplied air dive system developed in 1969. Today Brownie’s Marine Group is known internationally as a premiere provider of dive solutions across a span of industries, namely the yacht and SCUBA industries. As the newest distributor of L&W Compressors, BMG is expanding the internationally-renowned high pressure compressor brand to the Western hemisphere with supply and service throughout North and South America. bLU3, the newest addition to the brand family, is the next generation of dive systems and garnering media attention across a variety of channels.

Those interested in more information can visit https://browniesmarinegroup.com or contact us via email at media@browniedive.com