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It’s been a busy week in the engineering department!  

Life cycle testing continues on our production prototype. All smooth so far! The breathing machine is simulating about 30 dives per day of testing. How many dives do you expect to put on your Nemo per year? We have started the design of a high-volume assembly procedure for part of our brushless DC motor. This method will be employed on our next build in the coming week.  

The engineering team is still working with vendors on perfecting the mold design for the soft parts, mainly the silicone and TPE parts for the end caps, inside of the pump and the Smart Reg™.  

We have made an adjustment to the connector on the battery pack, which will make swapping out the pack even easier. We should have the new packs sometime next week so that we can finalize our testing before moving forward into the plastic enclosure molding.  

We’re still in the process of setting up a test date for our EMC testing, which is our requirement for gaining CE approval. There are test parameters and environmental conditions that we must work through with the test lab. We have received the CE analysis from a CE consultant, so now it’s just about taking the necessary steps. One step at a time!  

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