NEMO by BLU3 launched on Kickstarter on August 31st with a funding goal of $40,000 to help us move quickly into the next stage of production. This goal was met within an astonishing 36 hours and the campaign has continued to receive attention since. The BLU3 team set a stretch goal (a secondary goal set after the initial goal is reached) of $75,000 which was reached within 6 days, this means that all of the NEMO by BLU3 backers will receive a free Make Oceans BLU3 Again hat. Another stretch goal was announced of $150,000 which would unlock the option to select a bright pink flotation tube instead of NEMO’s default highlighter yellow/green tube. With 7 days left in the campaign, that lofty goal is nearly realized.




On Kickstarter, rewards are organized by tiers. The earlier you become a backer of the project, the greater the discount. To date, both Super Early Bird and Early Bird rewards are sold out for Single units and Buddy packs. Currently, the Kickstarter Special price is set to $449, this is the lowest price NEMO will be offered, as the price will increase as NEMO moves closer to production. NEMO will retail for $699 when it hits the market in the Spring of 2019. Become a backer



The BLU3 Team has published numerous updates throughout the campaign, as Kickstarter backers enjoy staying updated throughout the development of the product and brand they back. The updates include everything from engineering to consumer feedback to opportunities with BLU3.



The NEMO Kickstarter has been promoted heavily on Facebook and Instagram, as well as through crowdfunding niche channels, email marketing, and personal contacts including friends, family and business contacts.



Thank you to all of those in the BMG network that have contributed to the campaign! We look forward to getting all of you diving BLU3 very soon.



What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is the world’s largest funding platform for creative and innovative projects. Becoming a “backer” on Kickstarter means you have supported the project by pledging an amount. The amount you choose to pledge depends on the reward you desire.


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