Brownie’s introduces a new generation of nitrox production components

POMPANO BEACH, FL. (Feb. 9, 2018) (BWMG)- Brownie’s Marine Group (BMG) – Brownie’s Third Lung™, best known in the dive industry for their Floating Hookah Diving Systems, is equally well known in the boating industry as a leading supplier of premium quality dive systems for private luxury yachts and liveaboard dive boats.

Their reputation was built on their commitment to building the highest quality dive system machinery on the market.  Unfortunately, that premium quality also came with premium prices, which was beyond the reach of some dive operators who were looking more for the best “value” possible when choosing machinery for their operations.

Introduced at the 2017 DEMA Show in Orlando, FL,  Brownie’s announced a new line of nitrox generators at new lower prices. One might think the only way to offer lower prices is by sacrificing quality. “Not so,” says Robert Carmichael, president and CEO of Brownie’s Marine Group,

“We’ve spent enormous time and effort with our suppliers to increase our buying power and reduce costs. Our new Commercial Series NitroxMakers™ are built on Atlas Copco compressor technology. The Atlas Copco quality is second-to-none and they have a worldwide support structure. Atlas Copco is the leading innovator in low-pressure air production systems and they’ve just restructured their distribution to make their compressor products as competitive as possible. We appreciate their enthusiasm to work with us on an OEM basis. Additionally, we’ve been able to reduce our cost on our proprietary ‘cool’ membrane technology. Together, these innovations have allowed us to bring the highest quality NitroxMakers™ to the market at the very best prices available anywhere.”

The NitroxMaker™ Commercial Series models are single piece nitrox generators that include LP air production, integrated air dryer, receiver tank, LP filtration and nitrox production. Standard sizes range from 5hp to 20hp with other sizes available by quote.

The standard Commercial Series models are sized to mate with the most popular high-pressure compressors. “Just place one of these machines upstream of your existing high-pressure compressor and you can start producing nitrox immediately” says Tom Furbish, director of sales at Brownie’s.

“It’s the easiest, cleanest, simplest and safest way to produce nitrox. Since the oxygen content does not exceed 40%, there’s no special cleaning of equipment or training of personnel required.”

Contact Brownie’s to discuss the specific needs of your operation. Brownie’s can design a complete system from scratch, or help you upgrade your dive system to better meet the demands of your customer base.

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