We did it! Our NEMO by BLU3 campaign has come to a successful end, over-funded by an incredible 345% 

 We’d like to thank each of our 237 backers for making this possible and let you know what you can expect from us: 

It’s not too late 

If friends and family are jealous that you got in on NEMO early, let them know it’s not too late! We’ve continued our crowdfunding on Indiegogo. Our Kickstarter backers got the best deal, but our Indiegogo prices are still hundreds of dollars below what NEMO will retail for $$$. Check it out 

Diving into production The BLU3 Team is committed to get you diving BLU3 as soon as possible. We have begun setting up the assembly line to start production on your units. We currently do not see any obstacles hindering our expected delivery dates. 

Weekly updates We’ll keep you updated along the way as we strive to bring NEMO to you as quickly as possible. If there are any hiccups or setbacks, we’ll let you know immediately. 

Product performance 

NEMO has been undergoing extensive life cycle testing over the past few weeks. Using the data obtained from these tests we can stand by our product’s reliability and performance characteristics. 

Increasing your pledge/updating your reward 

We’ll be sending out a survey in the next 14 days where you can let us know what rewards you’d like and even add anything extra you may regret not getting. 

Payment issues 

If you’re having payment issues, we’re here to help! Don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll do our best to assist you. 

 Thank you all again. 

This means the world to us – Team BLU3