For years, Brownie’s has been a known name to the yacht industry for dive solutions and in the diving/water sports industry as the producers of Brownie’s Third Lung.

Brownie’s Marine Group was officially incorporated in 2004, but the name and business hail from a much richer history.

The original Brownie’s Third Lung was invented by W.C. Brown in 1969. In his garage, Mr. Brown (affectionately referred to as “Brownie”) improved an existing Surface-supplied air (SSA) dive system, called the Evinrude Air Buoy. Brownie wanted more depth and a longer run time so that he could hunt for lobster and Tropical fish, and thus Brownie’s Third Lung was born. His invention caught the attention of a few friends who began to request their very own Third Lung.


“I didn’t know what to charge so I would just build one, figure out how much it had cost me and add $100 to the cost” – Mr. Brown


And from there, the Brownie’s Third Lung gained more and more popularity. Mr. Brown received so many orders he had to hire a mechanic to help him. At that time, a young-gun by the name of Robert Carmichael decided, by his own accord, that Florida was the place for him. He was born and bred in North Carolina but while visiting his father in Fort Lauderdale, he decided he wasn’t going back. The 16-year-old boy ringed his mom to tell her he’d be staying. A short time after, Robert became Brownie’s first employee – building Third Lungs. Time went on and that boy became the man to buy the Brownie’s Third Lung business in order to preserve its legacy.

Robert, his wife Robin, and a dedicated team (some of whom are still with the company to this day) built Brownie’s Third Lung into a flourishing enterprise.

In the late 1990’s, after years of success selling, innovating and manufacturing Third Lung™ dive systems, the company began to expand into different markets. Years of operating in Fort Lauderdale, Florida – popularly referred to as “the Yachting Capital of the World” – introduced Brownie’s to a new need: tankfill solutions for vessels of various sizes – from superyachts to catamarans. The Brownie’s team identified a need and crafted a solution: YachtPro. Brownie’s YachtPro is a high pressure compressor expertly modified to run off the power sources commonly found on yachts.

The Brownie’s crew became the go-to for yacht installations of tankfill systems, dive lockers, and imaginative dive solutions. With many years of success in various markets, Robert decided it was time to expand the brand and thus Brownie’s Marine Group took shape. 

Decades later, the company continues to find and fill needs – New brands will emerge and new markets will evolve but, the company will forever remember it’s beginnings which brings us to the new logo…

The logo:

The new branding for BMG yields a minimalist design utilizing negative space and geometrics.


The shapes:

The two different colored triangles face one another to form a quadrilateral, while the negative space between them brings forth the look of a North American dive flag.

Seasoned divers may notice the stripe runs in the opposite direction. Traditional diver down flags have the white stripe running from the upper left corner to the lower right corner, while the new BMG logo reverses the stripe to signify an upward trend – a direct allusion to the company’s future success.


The colors:

The bottom right triangle is red with a .25pt yellow stroke – an homage to Brownie’s Third Lung who’s symbolic yellow and red buoy transformed the SSA (or “hookah diving”) industry and is the foundation of the company. The top is blue with a .25pt forest green stroke. A clean and earthy look to represent the next generation of the company’s expansion: bLU3 and LW Americas.

The font:

The lettering is a bold sans-serif font achieved with Acumin Variable Concept. It is a contemporary aesthetic with powerful and professional tonality.  


BMG’s new look.


We at BMG are proud of what has been accomplished in the company’s history and are incredibly excited for what’s to come. Follow our bubbles by subscribing to the quarterly newsletter: