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Report: All of the parts are received and we are in production with the first NEMOs! We’re still completing the NEMO Online Dive Training Course and once that is finished, we’ll be ready to begin shipping.

Check Your Emails:

We have not yet sent out the first surveys but we plan to do so very soon. You should see the surveys in your inbox next week. Apologies for the delay! Make sure to look out for the survey as the information is very important to making sure we send you the correct reward and to the correct location. Whitelist our email address to ensure you receive all pertinent information about your NEMO.

NEMO Online Dive Training Course:

We’re gathering feedback from various industry professionals before considering the training course to be finalized. It has taken more time than expected, but it is worth it. The training course will give you all of the basic knowledge and instructions on how to enjoy your adventures with NEMO to the fullest.


We’re so excited to be building production NEMO’s. Along the way, we are tweaking some processes for improvements. The products are coming out beautiful and we can’t wait until you get to see and experience for yourself.

The BLU3 team building the first production NEMO’s

Forecast: We expect to have the NEMO Online Dive Training Course completed within the next week and within and soon after we plan to be shipping NEMO’s to our first Kickstarter backers. Thank you for your support!

???? BLU3 Team