Brownie's Marine Group

Dive conditions: Update #10

Visibility: Cloudy Current: Strong Report: We’ve placed the first order of printed circuit boards, injection molding is coming along slow but steady, battery packs are undergoing certification testing, and we’re crossing off
Brownie's Marine Group

Dive Conditions: Update #8

Visibility: Cloudy Current: Strong Report: We continue to move forward strongly and have great updates, despite coming across some minor setbacks. The engineering team is working around the clock to keep production

A Bright Future for BLU3

News Release For immediate release BLU3, Inc. A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign Suggests a Bright Future for BLU3 POMPANO BEACH, FL. (Nov 14, 2018) – Brownie's Marine Group (OTC: BWMG) subsidiary, BLU3, concluded it's